We have been producing maple syrup for many, many years. Our operations started vary modestly by tapping about 20 trees at Janet’s parents’ farm and bringing the sap to our back yard to boil in small pans outdoors. Since those early days our operation has become more sophisticated. We manufactured an evaporator in 2006 and constructed a sugar shack in 2008.

We use the traditional buckets to collect sap and we boil our sap with a wood-fired evaporator. Collecting sap with our 1942 Cletrac Tractor pulling a wagon with a sap- holding tank is a family event. We do not use a reverse osmosis system to remove water, but rely on the old-fashioned method of boiling the sap from start to finish. We ensure the correct syrup consistency by utilizing a hydrotherm, which is a hydrometer with a thermometer.

Maple syrup is sold at the farm gate. During the sugaring season, usually in March, we welcome visitors to see how maple syrup is produced. Best to call first to make sure the sap is running.
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