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Certified Organic Grass-Fed Black Angus Beef

At Sugar Hill Farm one of our main farm product is our certified organic grass-fed Black Angus beef. Over the past ten years we have assembled our Angus herd with predominantly purebred cattle and a few commercial animals. Our organic beef is certified through Pro-Cert and is produced in accordance with specific, written standards for organic production. For example, we do not use pesticides, chemical fertilizers, growth hormones, or antibiotics.
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How We Sell Our Beef

At Sugar Hill Farm we sell our beef by the split side, side, or whole animal. Carcass weights are based on the industry standard called the “hot hanging weight” also known as “rail weight”. There is an approximate 30% loss in the final product due to loss of moisture, trim, and bones that are discarded. Beef is hung for an appropriate amount of time before it is cut to the customer’s specifications. A split side (1/4) cut and wrapped will fit into approximately two to three milk crates.

Details of a typical split side is listed in this brochure.

Why Grass-Fed Beef?

Grass-fed beef is a more full-flavoured meat than conventional grain fed-beef. Cattle are ruminants and are meant to eat forages as part of their regular daily diet. Grass-fed beef is healthier for the human diet because it is low in saturated fats, higher in beta-carotene, vitamins A & D and Omega 3 fats. Grass-fed products contain significantly higher amounts of vitamins, minerals, calcium and even dietary fibre than grain-fed beef.

Grass-fed beef is a more humane livestock system. Grass-fed beef eliminates the feedlot from the equation and animals enjoy the feed they were meant to eat – grass. The cattle are allowed to roam with plenty of space instead of being restricted to an area with hundreds of cows cramped together.

For more about grass-fed facts, check out the information site Eat Wild. Great beef recipes can be found at
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For more information on our organic beef, or to place an order, please contact us:

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